You Are My First And Last Love!!!


It started with you, so shall it end with you. You have always made the sun shine brighter! You can make me laugh like no one else. And to be with you still is the most intense,exciting, and satisfying experiences I've ever had! To hear your voice,  to look into your eyes, to feel your touch, to taste you....this feeds my soul and fills me with a fire that only you can put out. It makes me sad for the years that we've lost, the family that we could have had. But I truly believe it happened this way for a reason, and I can think of two very good reasons! I'm here now. And whatever life throws at you, I'll be there. You don't have  to weather the storm alone. Because now your home!

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6 Responses Oct 22, 2009

Beautifully stated! It makes me want to fall in love :D

Beautifully stated! It makes me want to fall in love haha

Thanks for that! It has NOT been an easy road, for sure! But what in life that is worth a damn is an easy road? Whatever I went thru to get back to my love was worth it! Good luck to you!

AWWWW This is so damn romantic. Almost makes me jealous and I definitely am not the jealous type.

Thanks! Sorry I'm getting back to you so late! Good or bad, I've always worn my emotions on my sleeve! I appreciate the luck. Who couldn't use more good luck?<br />
Keep in touch.

hi i would like to say i like the way you write i think it is great that you have so much passion in your writting and that your willing to go to the engd in something you belive in or love that is a great thing and im sureee the person you wrote that for will soon understand it so good luck yo you