A Gift I Possess

i will easily kill anyone. i can betray anyone easier than they can betray me. i quickly convince myself everything we've been thru was a lie, then i get my revenge. afterwards i forget all about you, i make memories. memories that youv been hurting me for awhile. then i get happy. if your a "stranger" its nothing, i even get a thrill out of it. i dont even need a reason.
knucklez knucklez
18-21, M
9 Responses Mar 6, 2009

I've got a few people who I can't stand and have death wishes on them. I can point them to you and for them to wish they've never pissed me off in the first place.



well knucklez I will point all my enemies your way.<br />
I will toast their blood with you.<br />
<br />

not everyone thinks like you mewold. i think i can make my own judgments thank you.

You are missing the message of a person who thinks way too much of himself.

why such drastic measures? you would so easily take someones life just because they cross you? i still dont understand. am i missing something? or is it that simple?

just in case someone crosses me. cross me, i kill you

i dont understand why you would want to convince your self of a lie? im not being smart, it just doesnt make sense to me. but i also dont get a lot of things.