Live And Let Live

Life is too short to go around making others feel worse about who they are as a person. Although not everyone likes me (and please no I don't give a sh*t) I won't be party to trading insults.  I certainly will never be the aggressor in these scenarios. Live and let live!

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2010

Ahmen to that Arorin

The worst insults are the truth...

Since I have been on here, I have only experienced kindness, honesty. So if there are people how are here to insult remember this... The wise speak when they have something to say... the fool speak just to say something.

What about if I asked you to?<br />
What about if I said I liked it really?

I couldn't agree more, thanks for the post. This bickering and trading of insults is getting quite ridiculous.