I Just Can't!

Bad spelling really gets to me.
I come across groups that interest me all the time - only to find there's a stupid spelling mistake in the title, and I just can't bring myself to join them.
The last one had 'friends' spelt 'freinds' - which revolted me enough to make me decide against joining the group.
Is that bad? I don't know why it bothers me so much - but I don't want bad spelling in my experiences when I know I would have spelt it properly -_-

jasminjane jasminjane
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5 Responses Mar 8, 2009

My comment was not meant to anger you, but to point out that spelling does not really matter. The subject matter of a group does. No, you did not say that anyone's words were invalid, but you did say you exclude yourself from them if they spell badly. Why deny yourself the lessons you might receive, or the help you might be able to give, on a subject that really matters to you or interests you, just because the communicator can't spell?<br />
We all make mistakes when typing in our stories. On a resumé it would be unforgivable. On a legal document it could be disastrous! But in a forum like EP, I don't think it matters.

I'm the same with the group logos. I actually went through and added photos to every single one of my experiences cause i'm a weirdo. And i had over 3000 experiences when i did that. It took a while, but now i'm satisfied :)<br />
Every now and then i read back stories that i've written, and i notice i've made a stupid typo or spelling mistake. I get embarassed too, and quickly fix it up.<br />
I'm a bit obsessive with some things!

and i did not once say anything about thinking bad spellers dont have valid opinions

HEY. Come on guys.<br />
It's not like i'm mean to any one who doesn't spell properly. The group isn't 'I hate people who can't spell'. It's I DONT JOIN EXPERIENCES WITH SPELLING MISTAKES. Everyone makes typos every now and then - i do too. <br />

You're being too meticulous. I spell very well indeed. I also make typo's, and when in the focus of telling a story, I might not notice I've made a typo. <BR>Even people who can barely write have something valid to say, and it's more important to understand their meaning than to take personal offense at their spelling.<BR>However, I must admit - if I'm in a restaurant and find spelling mistakes in the menu, my opinion of the restaurant goes down - even if the food is fabulous.<BR><BR>By the way, spelt is a kind of wheat. "Spelled" is the past tense of "spell".