I Wont

as long as you treat everybody with kindress+respect
then i really dont give a damn what ya get up to,i just hope it brings u happiness.
i dont condem anyone as being less than me,or anyone else
life is hard i know that+there are many factors why things turn out as they do,things are rearely black and white
i wont tell you what to do,unless you ask for advice,i wont preach,or lecture you

live+let live  i sayz
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3 Responses Apr 9, 2011

I agree but I also need to say it is hard to treat someone with kindness and respect if you are not getting it back but I guess someone who doesn't treat you kindly you shouldn't have in your life to begin with !!

Kindness goes a long way.. good rule of thumb to live by

2captain marvellous,bin laden broke the 2geek rules,as he doesnt treat others with respect or kindness,same goes 4 a rascist,homophobe <br />
<br />
and its rory mac's yr