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Who Am I ?

I am no one.. to point a finger..

My Grandpa always said... if you point a finger at someone... you have 3 pointing back at you....

I need forgiveness myself at times... I have to show it to other's...

and well if I don't have anything nice to say.. I'm going to do my best to walk away... and say nothing at all!!

Awakening Awakening 31-35, F 6 Responses Apr 3, 2008

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all very good advice.

I think there is a dividing line for me. If something is illegal I will be glad to point the finger and pass judgement. If the area is personal preference and harms no one then live and let live.

nah.. just being me.. no thanks needed

everyday is practice

always easier said than done... i'm opinionated.. i'm practicing!

A good way to live.....I hope I can be the same.