I Must Be Out Of Touch

Reading an article on EP recently by a young man who spoke of spanking his wife has unnerved me. Is he serious? Does this sort of behaviour really happened or is he having us on?

From a personal view, I find it hard to reconcile that in this day and age, spanking a spouse can be considered acceptable or tolerable behaviour.

Is the justification that it is consensual? If so, is that really the case?

Is it perhaps the fear of incrimination that causes a young woman to submit to such humiliation?

I am curious, if not, disturbed.

Duchessforthright Duchessforthright
1 Response May 5, 2012

Is this spanking in terms of actually punishing a spouse? I want to be able to say it's abhorrent and outdated but I'm afraid the practice is still widely observed :(<br />
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I try my best to stay away from reading comments whenever I read a news story about violence against women, because there will always be people commenting that it is how it should be done, etc etc. I'm going to explode into rage and... I better just stay away.<br />
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But if the article is referring to BDSM I believe most of the community do it within clear cut rules and consensual terms.

I told you, you must visit more often. Sound advice and posting..we need more like you on EP;)

Actually this is the only place that meets my long winded post with open arms so yes, I will try my best to visit more regularly. Cheers, Duchess :)