Every story is a life,
every life is a story.
the decisions we make
effects so many lives
but who am I to say this or that

My choices in this life have
been made out of
each choice has directed my path in different directions.

So judge not
least ye be judged

the ole saying
until you walk a mile in my shoes
stands true
in every life

just saying......
mommaceitta mommaceitta
51-55, F
1 Response Dec 11, 2012

<p>My dear friend so true! Sometimes the shoes are a tight pair,we wear them anyway.Hoping someday they will fit~ We really must live the best life we can.(try) As long as it never harms another.The path should lead us to peace.I truly understand you! ...we all bring a new perspective although in anyone's life we see things we do not agree with,we see more good qualities :) lov and hugs... i love that saying "until you walk in my shoes"</P> we learn from our mistakes...

yes, and whew-wee have i made my sure of em,;) but you know it has been a fun ride, and i don't know that from the out come, i would change much. and now only from the forgiveness of my savior and his grace i have found my peace, real peace....
still learning, just a little more laid back doing so lol..