First Impressions...Are Judgemental

I don't really believe that being non judgmental is possible or a good idea. I think that a person's behavior, attitude, statements reflect who they are, and what they are about; and so you can't help but make an immediate assessment as to who you think that person really is, and what you really think about that person.

Being judgmental, is also a way of being protective of yourself. We need to be able to make judgments about a person, in order to decide if they are safe to be with, or a threat to us, or our family.

I am not someone who bears a grudge, or who holds a person's past mistakes up to them as a constant reminder of their flaws; but I am someone who pays attention to who they are today, where their head ,and behavior, and life are today. Who you are today, in relationship to who you were yesterday, is very revealing as to a person's true character.

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4 Responses Dec 14, 2012

I agree that we make I would call them impressions when we first meet someone, about their looks, action, words, etc. I don't believe this is judgement, but just a sorting process to see who the person really is,
And as you say, are they safe, are they kind, do I want to know more about them or do I just want to walk away, I don't consider that judgement!
But a way to know if you want this person in your life, Judgement is when we place shame and blame on others and their actions, even though we may not know their whole story and make them them the bad person.

I know people say they are non judgmental, but I can not imagine anyone not making those critical decisions of others. We have developed our senses over a lifetime and it would be foolish to ignore them.


Thank you. Being "judgmental" and being able to "discriminate" are not bad words or traits. They are desirable and useful tools necessary for making decisions.