I Hate My Sisters :) (wedgie Story) :(

so i was sitting in the living room playing snailbob on my compuiter.my gramie was reading a monster book(shes a cool gramie)and she was yaking my ear off.my mom arived at the door.i was so releaved. so i went and sat in the car between my sisters rockel and hether. we drove home.then the worst part happened:my sisters noticed i was wareing a thong.when we got home mom told us she was going shoping but she was probobly going to see that 3 hour chick flick."wile im gone,rockel hether your in charge.and that dosen't meen you can give hannah a swirly.said mom.and she left.i went to my room to read my harry potter book. my sisters were wispering outside my room.i would have locked the door but it had no lock.(when my sisters are wispering,nothing good ever happens.)a wile later my sisters barged into my room with one of there friends.why is he holding a camera.i said.because were going to make the best youtube video ever.said hether.rockel ducktaped my mouth shut and she ducktaped my hands together.the filmer looked at the camera and said:we are about to wedgie hannah until her eyes go all funny and out of focus".this was bad.my eyes only go funny when i get wedgied off the side of the balconey.rockel grabed the back of my thong and hether grabed the frount.and they pulled.i was lifted off my feet.this went on for half an hour and then he turned off the camera.he grabed an ipod and started snapping pics.a half an hour latter my eyes went all funny and out of focus."yes we did it".said rockel."lets go hang her off the balcony".said hether.they continued to wedgie me in every way possible.it went on until mom got home.the door bell rang and so my sisters hung me on a hook in the closet all night. and thats why i hate my sisters.

the end.
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3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

That's bad. My sister gives me wedgies but hardly ever hanging

did they give youa swirly?

that iron steel thong ...