Walk A Mile In Someone Else Shoe'S!

..before judging. People may have went through a million different things in life, so it is wise to consider this and not assume things should be the way you choose to live your life. What is best for you and me is not best for him or her.

The worst of this, in my estimation, are the hypocrites who- for one example that I have seen recently -are those that prominently list their own sexual deviances or fetishes freely, yet have the audacity to condemn other people for whose own proclivities are no worse than their own....talk about the pot calling the kettle black! i.e. a professed pornographer with explicit images with various other person that will not tolerate "swingers". Huh? How doesthat work? Get off your high *****, I mean, horse!

Conversely, feeling the need to flaunt ("in your face") one's proclivities like an attention ***** or with anything even approaching a militant, intolerant advocacy is as imposing as it is boorish. These persons that insist others must accept such concepts as they do lest they resort to the name calling and accusations are far worst than any proselytizing Bible-thumper ever was...at least thumper doesn't cuss you our nor hold a grudge against you. Remember, it is ignorance, like the liar, that so often has to be the the loudest and most strident and least open minded.

Now, non-judgmental does not mean everyone has to accept everything or anyone without question, and it certainly does not rule out using one's discernment and discretion, especially in such important areas as character matters and personal conduct. People should always be free to seek or promote their own interests, and choose who they associate with based on their own likes, wants and needs. We can exclude others for divergent views that we do not agree with of course, but this is not a license to condemn others.

The self-appointed "Judges" should not feel the need to cast disparaging remarks about those who are different..so why do they? To try to feel better about themselves? Really? Isn't this just about as lame of a behavior that can see coming from a grown man of woman?

Along the same vein, we find the self appointed busybodies who assume they are the guardians, monitors and Police force of and for other people's thoughts, business and behavior too. Why so these people also behave in this Middle-school mentality? Usually the same reason and also to avoid having to deal with their own problems. It's better for them to instead find others so "sensitive" as them to share their in indignation with.

Worst among these "Judges" are the most miserable variety among this sorry group;the instigator. This is the person who is usually (one of) the ring leader(s) of this group of small minded persons, except they not only look for things to point at others for and gossip about...and not only will they actively seek out such drama, but they will go out of their way (by any normal persons standards) to instigate or antagonize what they view as viable opportunities-for which they also use to justify and excuse their own behavior.

The Instigators are Judges are the Jury too, and will attempt to be the "executioner" too, if allowed. They will scour profiles to play games, toy with people, pretend to be a friend to find some dirt, play one person against another, and even have their pack attack relentlessly in their attempt at meting out their self-styled retribution and any other scheme that helps (to them) to fill the void in an otherwise insipid yet bitter life. Of course this does not fill the emptiness, so they must be off to the next target quickly and pretend otherwise.

The problem with all of them is simply also this: they invariable feel the need to bind together like a hairball to form their little hairball cliques to justify their juvenile behavior to smear and defame whomever displeases them. Please, all of you: go away until you get some counseling and are able to get a life so you can quit being a tick on the *** of life of others lives. Thank-you.

Perhaps most importantly in the realm of judgmentalism is the looking down on people for their appearances, their present state or status in life for such things as not being dressed well, having an unkempt home, personal appearance or way that they speak. Of course some people are slobs and bums and such by personal choice, yet I would wager that many have had hardships and burdens that we may have never seen in our own lives-including ones so tragic that we would not wish upon our own worst enemy.

Before being so quick to judge, perhaps we should consider that there could be mental, emotional and/or physical conditions that we can not see that are beyond any reasonable efforts of any Human being to really control, and no matter how much they would love to change. Let's do our best to live and let live, and really practice that. None of us are perfect, so we strive to do our best. This is all that we can do and all that anyone can ever ask of us.

Also please remember that any drastic effect(s) from certain life events could be very different from what it would have been for you, just as things that may have been traumatic for you may not have been so bad for others. For example, many of us have been in some pretty bad car accidents with absolutely no residuals after it. But is it so hard to imagine someone coming away from a car wreck traumatized? Of course not.

So first, take a moment consider what a mile in their shoes might have been like for them-before hauling them in front of "da Judge"...and think that what was very difficult is something you dealt with well, but what was tragic for you was taken in stride bu others. So, feel free to ask questions, as others cannot read your mind or mine, and at least then we can know and go without assuming-and we all know what ASSUME stands for :)

~~Lady Dane~~
GreatDanzrule13 GreatDanzrule13
36-40, F
Jan 26, 2013