Please Don"t Take This Wrong...

I will not judge you. We are all one with the universe and therefore we are one. I also have been judge by some for many things. 1.) I was raised in wealth. What is your 1st thought?    Be honest. If your interested, check me out and/or email me. Oh ya... I have lived in poverty too.


2.) I'm not going to list the rest. Being judged is being judged.

3.) I won't judge you, but I still get to choose who I want in my life and who I don't. It really depends on behavior. Do they lie, stand you up, only takes but never gives, active: criminal, drug user, people user, hateful, violent, abusive in any form, etc., etc.

I use to accept everyone into my life because we all do have good in us. I would trust and sometimes they proved to be untrustworthy. Sometimes really bad. Now when I meet someone new, I let them build trust, one step at a time.


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I had absolutely no assistance in my life, my childhood saw me ostracised because I belonged to one of those families no one wanted anything do with, and my work life saw me working alone in the late hours of the night, then sleeping in the day.

I had to chase work which saw me moving around, so I was never able to belong, as a result, I've lived my whole life alone in almost silence, my only contact with other human beings, being shop assistants as I make my various purchases.

I've been to the movies less than half a dozen times in my life, and until I was in my 40s, I had never eaten in a restaurant or stayed in a Hotel or Motel. The same applied to flying, and I only got to do that because of a job I was doing. I have seen a lot of my country Australia, because I travelled a lot by road for work.

I watch TV, listen to the radio and read heaps on line.

I am completely self taught, and I can do anything exceedingly well.

I left primary school at 13, and have worked ever since. I have never been unemployed and always paid my own way. I don't drink or smoke and have nothing to do with drugs.

I was always just a basic wage earner, so a social life was out of the question, not just from a monetary point of view, but because I worked multiple jobs at odd hours or I was isolated in rural areas.

I live alone and never have a visitor, my phone never rings, I could die and no one would ever know.

Now you might think "how sad", but I have a few things I believe make me very wealthy, things I believe which exceed that of money, friends family, or anything else you can name, because I help people in all sorts of ways, but I never become a part of their lives, I just blow in, do good for them, and blow out, leaving them happy and wondering who I was.

I don't have much, but what I do have I own, and I do have all I need.

My situation and my relentless life time of effort has given me "absolute peace of mind", and left me "feeling good about who I am", and in this world, I believe those are a few treasures very few can truly claim.

I don't know what it feels like to be hugged or shown any kind of affection, but I believe my early years created that problem for me. I never knew love, only hatred, as a result, I believe I most likely gave off some kind of aurer which possibly made people wary of me.

I know for sure I lacked any kind of social skills, that I always felt I was unacceptable, but I also know that was just the damage done to me as a child and a youth, so I don't blame other peoples reaction to me for that, it was my problem, I just didn't know it was there.

As you can see, it's Christmas and in my later years, this time of year really highlights my solitude, so that I feel a little robbed, but it will soon be another year and life will go on, I'll get busy and all will be well.

Thank You bufy for the compliment. I battle with low self esteem so that feels good. I hope to see you around too.

To tell you the truth I have often envied people for having things that I didn't but never have I judged or hated them because of it.

I have just finished reading your 100 things about me story and I think you sound like a lovely woman, fantastic mother and hopefully my friend eventually.