It would be nice to have just one person I could literally talk to about anything without judgement.
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Me too. Friendships are supposed to be like this, but not all are, not even our best friends sometimes. Thanks for sharing. x

I am the same way anytime you want to talk just message me

Do you not have any real friends to talk to ? You turn to the fantasy world of the Internet to find friends? Yah, I do the same thing. There seem to be a few people here that are who they say they are but I think many visit another world when they come here.

It's fun and intertainment for the most part, but now and then you will come across someone who is real.

Have fun.

This is so true!

there are some really cool, open minded and non-judgmental people on here. I've been lucky enough to meet quite a few of them. you just have to persevere a little bit and weed out the wheat from the chaff

add me f you like I wont judge and you can talk about anything, ask anything too

I guess I'm lucky to have found a few here. In real life not so much. Lol. The nature of the playing field I guess. Lol

No judgement here all ears

You can talk to me anytime.:)

You can talk to me, I may be young but I am wise beyond my years.