Don't get me wrong, I love making new friends. I love meeting new people. I even love flirtatious conversations. BUT that does not mean I'm going to send pictures that reveal certain places of my body. That doesn't make me a prude and I'm not judging people if that's what they do. This simply means I am not interested in receiving or sending inappropriate photographs. It's something I'm just not interested in. I guess this makes me close minded or "stuck up" according to some of you. I guess I'll just have to live with that.
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7 Responses Jan 25, 2015

post the screennames of those who feel your stance is close-minded and stuck up. reveal them for all of ep to see!!! don't let the cockroaches run around in the dark infesting ep...turn the lights on 'em and watch 'em scurry about!!!!

I was just playing with you, anyway. heh heh heh

well, it's not like you could see my devilish grin as I typed that. ;-)

Good! Keep that position. Technically, you're under 18 so it would be considered child **** in the eyes of the law anyway.

Not at all, people are different, what works for some of us doesn't for others. No big deal

Your welcome, no problem

That's a sensible position to take. Of all the things that can screw you over, a photograph is one of the worst.

Finally someone said it!

well damn that sux, how long do ..... lmao had to say something, hope I did not offend

I was going to say,
OWell damn that sux, how long do I have to wait, but I figured you would have understood that

you are so right !!!!!