A close friend of mine has confessed that he's attracted to children. Shocking right, but he's still a good friend of mine. Why?Because he's never acted on this attraction and never will. I believe that what you FEEL doesn't make you bad or good. It's what you DO about your feelings. So what has he DONE? He avoids children at all costs. He built the courage to actually go and see a therapist. That was a GREAT step. He's doing the right thing. I am proud of him and I will support him till the end. Why? Because if people REALLY want to protect kids, then they should help pedo-philes. By offering the necessary support you can prevent them from harming kids.
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Feel sick to the stomach.....
Hope he gets professional help!

I tried to add you. I too have some things that are labeled wrong by society

See my PM.

Yes, I agree that you are giving him the support that he needs right now, and I know thar may be hard for you, especially if you have children of your own, he has more than likely been sexually abused himself and has the need to act out what was done to him, a good therapist or Dr. Could sort this out for him and save him a the children he might otherwise abuse, he is indeed a brave person to be willing to get help for himself to try to change these feelings, as he understands they are so wrong,

Your friend's confession must have taken an incredible amount of courage. The fact that he sees this in himself, and is bringing the darkness to the light by seeking support is HUGE in this world. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse myself, I have so much gratitude for what your friend is doing and for you as such a loving friend to him.

Thank you.