Everyone has their own demons...their own personal stories. Their own "stuff" as I call it. Some wear that "stuff" on the outside, whether by choice or not. Others work hard to bury it deep, or hide it, while others choose deal with their "stuff" head on, attempting to heal or overcome.

What if you were dealing with the same inside of you?

Look around you. Every person you see today is dealing with something...either in their present or in their past. And some people are barely getting by...

So don't just put yourself in someone else's shoes. Talk to them. Be kind to them. Speak words of encouragement. Give them your own damn shoes and remind them that we're all human and we all have our "stuff". Inspire them and they will inspire others.

Happy Thursday :)
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3 Responses Oct 29, 2015

That is a very positive and the only right thing to do.. I think the same .. Be kind, compassionate and empathetic and respectful x

So true, and there is nothing more powerful, when you are working through "stuff" than a true "I know exactly how you feel". Our scars give us credibility to help others in similar circumstances.

i so agree with you my friend! every one tends to their fires in their own unique way!