Another Brick

i love this statement; it's so triumphant :)

i build walls against people when im wronged, and as the world wrongs me (welcome to grown-up ness) i build bricks against the world i used to so desperately love.

but i need to plow through, remember why i loved life and keep going no matter what. my mom told me the same thing about love. she said "i keep getting my heart broken over and over and over again, but i keep putting myself out there because that feeling is so worth the sadness"

well, same to the world :)

live, love
KarmaFred KarmaFred
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3 Responses May 9, 2007

oh ****, yes. my sentiments *exactly*! i read somewhere (i think it was on EP actually) the quote, "the children the world almost breaks are the one who grow up and save it" (or something to that effect.) well, maybe i have been broken, but no matter. i will rebuild myself, and maybe even save the world, in my own small way.

i concur, altho i must admit i'd rather be throwing the bricks than building them - a tad more satisfaction to be gleaned! =P

I'm with ya!! Fight the good fight!! I'm trying too.