I've never had my heart broken by a lover.  It's been badly bruised in lots of other ways but never by love.  

I do know exactly how it would feel though.  I have an excellent imagination and can visualise myself in that situation.  

I did break someone else's heart though.  But I do believe it was for his own good in the end.  I am hoping that the law of karma doesn't come around to bite me in the bum some day!

Meanwhile, my heart is strong and still in one piece ... but I do tend to brace myself now and again when I feel vulnerable.  A bit like bringing an umbrella just in case it might rain ... I am ready ...

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Oh don't get me wrong sylph ... I do dread it ... but know I am powerless to stop it ... que sera sera ...

This is something different...ready and prepared for a broken heart...hmmm...curious. Most people dread it; and while it may be a learning experience, you are very courageous to embrace it, should your heart gets broken. You are a fascinating woman, Bliss. I like it! :)<br />
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Uhm, what's your secret? ;)

thank you dragoncat, you're a sweetheart!

But Bliss, there are many who would catch you should you fall... never forget that !

haha dragoncat!! thanks dear. I don't believe anyone I know would deliberately break my heart ... but I just know that I'm setting myself up for it ... it's my fault ... I have my eyes open and have walked into it on purpose ... and I just know what it's going to feel like in advance. I am powerless to stop it.

Who would break your heart? You are far too loving for that. However. looks over shoulder there are several standing in a line behind me to take on the role of Karma... they are all clicking thier teeth and each have buns that they are gnawing on!

thanks joevvin - yes it's all a learning experience after all!

Really I need a "heart-break" by someone !!<br />
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Step by step, the journey goes on. Little by little it may seem so long. The things we learn will keep us on.

You know better than that my dear!!!

Thank you for the offer Steve ... you're too kind!