Two words for you, SCREW YOU !! What i do it's not for you i do it cuz i love doing it, you wanna put me down for what i like ? Calling me names ? Really you my own family saying i can't, well two words, SCREW YOU !! I know when to stop no coach, no teacher needs to tell me ! I know my limits. You think you know them. We might live in the same house but you got no idea who i am, what my limits are, you won't even give me a chance but you say i can't SCREW YOU foo, i don't give a crap. Im going to do what i love and think im meant to do, weather you like it or not it's not for you it's for me,Your words are just an obstacle i need to kick out of my way, this is probably something i should have said to your face but its your day and i didn't wanna ruin it plus its just something i needed to get out of me. SCREW YOU !! I'm paying your not so keep your mouth shut.
vincent100 vincent100
18-21, M
Aug 24, 2014