Please Do Not Ask.

I shall not be sending anyone nude pics so please do not ask. I don't care if you shall pay "tribute" to me from wanking and drooling over pics of my naked body!!!....just not happening guys.
HisHope HisHope
46-50, F
1 Response Jan 18, 2013

I like a lady who speaks her mind and does what she says on the tin!

Thanks... I jiust get fed up with junk PM :( Actually this comment verifies my activity feed chat. ;)
Any photos that are shared on our profiles (Sir and I) have been requested by Sir and I obeyed to please only Him.

Impressive - do you perfectly do as you are told then?

Within my "hard limits" yes. Sir has patience beyond belief and any request made that I'm not 100% comfortable with will be discussed between us. Sir always has a plan B ;))