Who Is Lucifette?

I'm 5'3 and weigh about 160 pounds and I have a dimple in my right cheek. I have somewhat of a baby face with pinchable cheeks and a big smile. That's about all you're getting from me. Unless I accidentally slip up somewhere. No one here will know what I look like unless we become very good friends and communicate outside of EP. That being said, I didn't come on here looking for friends though I am not averse to that idea. I just like being a little bit of a mystery. In fact, if you read my stories and my questions, I'm actually not that much of a mystery. You can figure out a LOT about my personality from just that so if you pay attention...you actually know a lot about me. Just not what I look like and that probably will not happen.

No, I don't think I'm ugly or self conscious about my looks so that is not why. I am not afraid of judgment from you all. I sort of see it as a little game. Just to leave you guys wondering. I have nothing against those who do share...even those of you who share too much that I don't wanna see. This is just a personal choice. I don't think I'm better than anyone; let me repeat, I'm no hot stuff but I'm not Ugly Betty either. I just hope you all don't see me as some sort of creeper, haha. Everything else about me on here is genuine.
lucifette lucifette
22-25, F
Jul 30, 2011