No. I'm not going to post pictures of myself on the Internet to please anyone. I don't need to, and I'm not required to do so. So deal with it. I'm sorry there's people who lie about who they are, but I'm not one of them, so you can either take my word for it (which is a good word, just so you know) or you can **** off. I'm not here to please anybody.

And for the record, if you say you'll only believe what I say and put in my stories if you see pictures, then you're not the type of person I want to associate with. Seeing is not believing. That is bull. Have faith in a girl for once :|
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It's the perverted idiots who ruin it for the rest of us. There is a trend of these last types to lift some beauty's picture ( or a famous artist or author) and posting it as their own. I hope that a way can be found to allievate this and we can all enjoy
comments without demanding pictures. Does anyone out there know any solutions? (Clean ones only, please.)


You go girl! ^-^

<3 Thanks, Babe :3

^-^ <3

hey I believe you if that helps