Singing In the Shower

That's when I realized two things.
First, that this would make a good EP group
Second, that this is a great motto to live by

I haven't been worrying about college apps and, despite applying to way less colleges than my friends (my four to their elevens and twelves), but I have such a good feeling about all of them.  I didn't sweat my way through, I just did them and sent them off, no big deal.
When I did worry about getting a job four months ago, it took many applications at many places until I finally relaxed and said "So what?" and then it happened.

So I think that was a sign to take things easy.  And that's just what I plan to do.  :]

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Glad to hear that. I'm sure that you will get a lot out of it. Another good book is "The Secret". You may have read or heard of that one already.<br />
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It is all about how you think about life. If you think it sucks most of the time it will. Now if you start each day thinking that it is going to be wonderful, you are sending a message out into the universe saying, "I LOVE LIFE AND DESERVE GOOD THINGS TO COME INTO MY LIFE". This is not being selfish or bad if you are doing your best to be a good person. Helping others when you can, even if it is only a smile or a kind word.<br />
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Think positive and you will receive positive. Think negative and that is what you are asking the universe to send you.<br />
I choose positive! I love life and the people in my life! I am greateful for the people and things I have in my life.

Oh yes, everything is definitely a learning experience. My owns that book we discovered today. I think I'll take it to school with me on Monday and read it in study hall. :]

I agree about everything happens for a reason. Most things happen so we can learn from them and they can make us stronger as a result.

Thanks, Loveisallaround, I'll check that book out.<br />
MiHeartrk - exactly, everything happens for a reason. :]

I think you just learned a lesson that some never learn. And you have done it at a young age. Worry gets you nothing but more worry or illness. <br />
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If you can keep that attitude throughout your life and share it with others you will see that life will run smoother in general for you. When you have negative thoughts on your mind it only draws negative to you. If you have Positive on your mind, you will find that you draw positive to you.<br />
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If you have time, might I suggest a book for you and anyone who would like to understand and change their way of thinking. It is titled "The four agreements" It opens your eyes to the way we are trained think in negative terms and helps you to break those habits.<br />
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It is a VERY QUICK READ! I highly recommend it to all!! Especially in these difficult times. God Bless all.

yay!! ur jux like me i dont worry because i strongly believe in fate..theres no point in worrying yourself because the outcome will always be the same