So I was feeling really daring the one night so I decided I was going to wear my favorite calvin klein black thong to get my mail which happens to be about 50 yards from my apartment. To a public mailbox, and its past a pool and kind of a lite area, so off I went and as soon as I got to the pool I run into a cute girl reading a book under the lite with a decent sized dog. There I am strolling by her in my thong and tight white tee and my buttocks hanging out. We said hellos and that was it, but she definitely saw my thong as I cruised by, I got my mail with no other encounters but then realized that I had to head back the same way, she didn't have the say hello this time, maybe due to my choice of underwear but its 2am and hot out so I don't care! I bet she told her friends and loved it as much as I did, so after when I returned home I finished off the job by taking care of my manhood!!
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1 Response Aug 18, 2014

cool that you walked to the mailbox in your thong and shirt. i have done that quite a few times in my apt complex also. people have seen me and i have even had a few convos with people while wearing my thong. only one time did my thong come up and i told the girl i was coming from the beach, which was true. i like going to the trash or doing laundry in my thong. if i wear a shirt to cover up i feel super comfortable and safe. it is much more daring without the shirt which i do sometimes.