Wore My Milwaukee Brace For 4 Years

I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was in 8th grade. My mother noticed my hips weren't even and took me to the doctor. The doctor talked my parents out of having the surgery so I wore my brace from 8th through 11th grade. I was teased at first, especially by boys, calling me robot. But even back then I was a smart a$$ and showed them how I could do the robot dance better then them. The doctor told me I would have difficulty giving birth. I did not have any problems with that but do have issues with vacuuming and sweeping. A found a wonderful pain management doctor that has helped me tremendously live a less painful life. At the age of 44 I learned I was also born with a rare heart anomally, only having the right main artery. Well now at 46 my cardiologist that specializes in rare heart anatomy said he wants me to see a spinal specialist because he believes the difficulty breathing, easily winded, heart palpitations, and blood pressue issues are caused by the spine pressing on my organs. Has anyone else had an experience similar to this with the spine? Or has anyone had the surgery to straighten the spine this late in life?
pontoonmomma pontoonmomma
46-50, F
Aug 5, 2012