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Hello, I grew up with Scoliosis, my brother had it and I was getting it.  We could not afford surgery so I was thrust into the world of bracing. I was put into a Milwaukee brace at age 9-14. I wore it 23/7 and got really used to it. People did stare but I did not think much of it. When I was 15 I got a Boston Brace to avoid surgery and wore that through college. It was actually harder to wear because I was more active. I graduated in 94. I weaned out of the brace that year and was brace free for 4 years. In 1999 I was in the back seat of a car with my seat belt on and we were hit on my side of the car and the seat belt tore apart my spine. After a year of recovery my Scoliosis was reborn, My spine was twisting, kinking, and curving in 4 places. Mt legs were paralyzing and numbness was setting in on my left side. We looked into a possible fusion surgery.  All three Doctors advised against this, it would be debilitating because they would have to fuse the entire spine. from t1 down. They introduced me to the Milwaukee brace again 2 years ago. Because of the movement of my spine, I was having problems breathing, Migraines, walking (my right hip was higher then my left). The Milwaukee Brace has rid me of all those problems. I am wearing it indefinitely until a newer technology can help. I am thankful for this brace, I wear it for pain reduction, and every now and then wonder if it can cure it. I have taken it off a few times for excercises and felt pretty good for a long period of time, before the pain comes back. I tell all of those out there that if you are prescribed a brace. WEAR IT, it will make things easier in the long run.

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Hi,<br />
finaly a positiv story abbout milwaukee braces. I had to weare it first for nine jears, ( from 12 to21) and after a break of five years i had to wear it gain for seven years. My scoliosis was caused by heavy metals in my spine and its still not over, in the moment i ´m fine, but I never had real problems with the milwaukee brace, I was just lazy to do my exercises.<br />
cheers, marino

Wow what a 6months in a wheelchair after my accident are nothing..<br />
<br />
I am hoping you do get the best update on new technology with the braces that are out there.<br />
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You are amazing and strong and it is incredible that you are as positive as you are.<br />
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Take care