Ugly Duckling Turns Into Swan

I too, wore the Milwaukee Brace.  I was in 9th grade and one day I told my Father (today is Fathers Day by the way)..that one of my hips were higher than the other and he said "Honey, you're just getting curves"!! It was at the school physical that they recommended seeing a Doctor, and we went to Shriners Hospital in St. Louis.  I was a patient there, and felt so fortunate  and humbled when I saw all little kids in there, with spinal fusions and a lot more serious problems than I had!

A 45 degree curve- imagine that!.  I wore the Brace all through High School, 23 hours a day and the day that I removed it, I had a 3 degree curve, normal!!  I couldn't take gym class so I sang and played piano, and cried ALOT in those years, but then went on to play in a professional Rock band for 10 years and then got a job with Royal Caribbean as a Cruise Staff Entertainer!!  7 days a week, traveled everywhere ,(got to dress up everynight in my prom dress that I never got to wear as  teenager).  Now I sell Cruises and have done a lot of travel for numerous Shrine organizations.  God always had a plan..  For all of you out there, dreams can come true!!  Take care.  Kittio in St. Louis, Missouri




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This is nice and positive, I wore Milwaukee brace all ym teans, almost 7 years ! This changed my life,... I am the nurse at children orthopedic hospital,...

ummmm, i also have a 45 degree scoliosis and im still 14 years old :( Can you like give me some tips and advices to help me through this phase of mine ? :)))

Wow, what a great thing to read!<br />
Quite comforting - I'm in my second year of my Milwaukee brace (I'm 15) and I can't do sport, so I play in a rock band too! Music has helped me with my kyphosis, and I'm glad your back turned out so well. <br />
Good luck! <br />

Hi Kittio!<br />
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I love your positive attitude!<br />
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I can relate to not being able to wear your prom dress until a while later! LOL<br />
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You sound delightful, and congrats on doing so well!<br />
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Love,<br />
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