Some People Are Very odd.

I used EP to reach out to others and have found a great number of people who have given support. There are people out there who claim to have Scoliosis and have worn a brace Etc. who love to wear the brace for no orthopedic reason at all. They are OK people to me, they do not bother me. I have no qual with them. They could be Biid or so fourth.

The people that do bother me are self rightious "fakers" as I like to call them, they are very rude. They have a fettish with orthopedic appliances and believe that they can share their pictures and stories and by doing this get some "high". This angers me to the core. They are all over the network. Please please if you are having problems with Scoliosis, make sure you are speaking to someone who is truthful. The internet is of course filled with many dishonest people.

For all the friends and people who have helped me over the last 4-5 years THANKS =)

ladiciusk ladiciusk
2 Responses Sep 11, 2009

I am an adult male who is heterosexual and very attracted to adult women who wear braces. A thin to average woman, between 20s and 40s, who has a nice personality, grooming, some intelligence, is exceptionally attractive to me. Particularly as to using spinal braces, such as the milwaukee brace and other types. Also sometimes I like what it feels like to be in a spinal brace, back brace or neck brace, myself, and have worn various types. Some I liked more than others. Would like to know a woman who needs to or likes to wear braces... and who perhaps wants to make me wear a brace. Corsets are great too. So are collars. It's definitely a turn on.

I find fetishes with orthopedic appliances bizarre! I had no clue until I googled Milwaukee brace images. As someone who wore one for 4+ years, I never took pictures of myself baring the brace or obviously accentuating the brace.