Just A Couple Of Times...

I've done it several times in a very secluded area but only once on the beach, and just my luck, it was a NO THONG beach, which I didn't know (it's not posted! Not even online!). I wouldn't have even tried it except I'd seen other people in thongs before, men and women. Oh, well.
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You have to do some online searching to find complete rules for state parks. And since they can and do change, your best bet is to ALSO CALL the park, and make sure you have the website rules in hand-some of the park employees don't know all the rules either, but their info may be more recently updated than the sites. by the way, thongs are not illegal in public in FL, according to state law. Local ordinances vary.

I have never seen that

This beach is NOT POSTED ! LOL ! Even on the website, nothing. Let me tell ya...Florida State Parks DO NOT allow swimwear that shows buttcheek. But women generally get away with it, as i've seen there years before and in the 4 years since that day.