I bought a thong in Tenerife in March 2000. I also bought a pair of loose fitting shorts to go over it. My hotel was some distance from the nearest beach, so I walked there with the thong under the shorts, fairly early in the morning. I wanted to get there first. I succeeded. I chose an empty place to lay my towel and then ******** to the thong and made for the safety of the water. After a brief swim I got out and lay face down on my towel. Wouldn't you know that other bathers in thongs, all women, came and camped around me. It was a real thrill. I also noticed couples walking by me quite often, some distance away. One woman, solo, even pointed her camera in my direction. I think what I remember most from that situation was the differentiation between people seeing my bare *** and the back of my head. When I looked at them front on, they saw only the front of a skimpy bathing suit. I could be totally oblivious to what they saw when I wasn't facing them. (Photo is from Palmachim Beach, Israel)
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I wear the skimpiest things I can when sunbathing! Naked is the best of course!

In saying phased out I meant that I stopped wearing it. It seems inappropriate now. My wife accepts me in thongs, but doesn't want me going public in them. Nowadays my exhibitionism is through windows, if you read my stories about Nice, Prague and Paris.

i wear thongs at home but most time when working outside or sitting in sun im naked

I wore a thong to the beach one year. It was shortly after 9-11. I went with a girl I was dating at the time. She liked me in a thong, and also liked me in other attire. I still have the swimsuit. It was from Venus Swimwear. They seemed to have phased out the thong swimsuits also. So, I only have the one.<br />
I can only imagine the thrill of having a group of girls in thongs position themselves around me. I would only be suntanned on my back though since I would not be able to lay face up in that situation ;-)

to bad.. why was the thong bathing suit phased out ? still your underwear is thongs so she must like you in one too ?

I wore it quite a bit in 2000 and 2001, a time when I was also visiting nude beaches. I found my wife in 2001 and the thong bathing suit was phased out of use after that. Now I use a speedo, but all my underwear is thongs.

Great experience, do you now more often wear a thong since that day ?