The Time I Was Forced To Wear A Thong Bikini

Let me start out by saying that im a guy so this was very weird for me. Now before people start saying that im gay read my story and you might understand. It started at the beach with me and my older sister it was just me and her no one else in my family came. so she thought it would be really funny to make me wear a thong bikini. so when sh gave me the thong i said whats this she said thats ur bathing suit and i said no im not wearing it on the beach. So her and her evil ways said that she would leave me at the beach if i didnt wear it.(i was like 8 at the time so cut me some slack for believing her about that.) But after a while i kinda liked it. minus it being in public.
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6 Responses Jan 19, 2012

There's nothing gay about it, you know when thong were being first wore thousands of years ago, it was wore by MEN! So there shouldnt be anybody look down at you!

i wear them all the time

Well, mindilou1013, you got it all wrong about what thongs were created for: men's modesty! Men who model for artists might occasionally show that their **** is not a sort of lifeless thing hanging from the male body. In order to spare innocent female art students witnessing such an extremely ugly event the string was invented. Please, note that the words gay or effeminate don't enter into this story. Straight models in front of nice girls would pose the biggest risk, if you want to call it that.<br />
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Of course, modesty depends on what direction you are coming from, full nudity or dork shorts covering even those obscene knees. I for one are very glad that modesty's sake led to such a splendid invention. Look forward to visiting the beaches as soon as fine weather returns and showing to all the wold what a man wearing a thong or a g-string looks like.

Ehhh, to each his/her own but I don't think thongs were created for guys to wear. :)

Well, according to your post, you were just 8 years old, right? You weren't aware of any exhibitionist or other type of fetishistic need to wear a thong publicly, you were too young. The question is, do you like wearing thongs now, publicly or in private? If so, that's great, just be careful for public wearings.

It's really not weird. Guys wear thongs all the time. Wearing one doesn't make you gay. I'm wearing one right now.