Side Line Thong

So today I was a t my sisters soccer game and I was by this one mom and when she would lean forward her whole thong would be exposed it got me a ***** then she looked at it and was like are you ok I'm like yup and she's like do you need to go to the bathroom I'm like no she's looks at my **** and is like ok I saw her thing a lot more that game good times. (this is laget so hope u like it but it kinda mad me uncomfortable at first.)
pint12345 pint12345
18-21, M
1 Response May 12, 2012

She was very flirty and knew exactly what she was doing to you. You should have asked her if she could of helped you with it. You were far more likely to get a positive response from her than not. Hit on her at the next game. You won't be sorry!