First Thong Bikini On Holiday

I first wore a thong bikini when I went on holiday with my mum and sister when I was 17. It came about became my mum is a bit scatty and when she was ordering me some new bikinis online from a catalogue, she somehow managed to order me two thongs instead of the normal knickers.

The bikinis arrived in the post and I looked at one of the tops (they were the same but different colours) and thought they looked alright so just threw them into my travel bag. After we had landed and arrived at the hotel, we decided to go straight down to the beach. I opened my case and took the black bikini top and bottoms out of my bag and dropped them onto my bed whilst I undressed. I then picked the bottoms up and opened the plastic bag they were in and it was only then that I noticed that it was a thong. I immediately looked in my bag for the purple bikini and when I opened those bottoms, realised that it was a thong as well!! These were the only bikinis I had with me so I put my knickers back on and went off to find my mum. When I showed her what she had bought, she burst out laughing as did my 14 year old sister.

Mum said I shouldn't so prudish and try one on, saying that I had a nice bum. We're not a particularly shy family so I tried the black thong and was surprised that it felt really comfortable. Mum said it looked ok and when I looked in the mirror, I actually thought it made me look quite hot so I decided to keep it on.

When we got down to the beach, I was really nervous and apprehensive about taking my beach dress off and sat down still covered up. My mum told me not to be so silly but I was still really nervous. She then did something I wasn't expecting and stood up taking her top off! She told me that no one would be looking at my bum whilst she had her boobs out and it was my turn to burst out laughing. I took my dress off and laid down on my back for about half an hour before getting brave enough to turn onto my front and expose my bum to the world for the first time (well, at least since I was a baby)!

Once I had been on my front for a while, I wanted to go to the sea and so made my sister come with me for solidarity. However, I soon forgot that I was even in a thong and spent the rest of the holiday alternating between the black and purple bikinis, both on the beach and at the hotel pool. I even went topless a few times as well and since then, I've never worn full bikini bottoms on holiday.

Thanks mum!!

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Hot story, well the visuals lol

she gave you the courage to do that and your brave lol

Yep, thanks mum, glad she gave you the courage to wear the thongs :)

I admire your courage! Never would have guessed anyone would wear their first thong bikini through the mistakes and encouragement of their mother!

She's a bit loopy but wouldn't have done it intentionally! However, I'm glad she did as I love the tanlines I get and they're so much more comfy than normal bikini bottoms

<p>I was a bit nervous the first time I wore my g-string bikini on a crowded public beach, but after the first 5 minutes I was also fine. Those first 5 minutes are always the hardest.</P>

I think everybody will be nervous the first time, so was I...

Great mom hazybo!! also great how she supported you, now you should tell her to also buy a thong and your sister too :)

Thanks mum!

great read! sounds like you had fun :)

wow don't you just love the tan?...hehe<br />
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Kiss<br />

@hazybo<br />
<br />
Was it the same occasion where you experienced toplessness first? And what kind of thong was it? A "normal" thong, a thong with strings or a g-string?<br />
Sorry for the questions:-)<br />
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Love,<br />


It was the same holiday as when I first went topless. I guess it could only be described as a normal thong, it certainly wasn't a gstring or anything that tiny.

Very cool story. I wish you took a picture.........even a topless one

Its great to have a mum whos open minded and encouraging...shes a cool one...good going..

Great story. You have a great mum and sister. I bet she is right and you have a GREAT BUM. You should write more stories. And add me as a friend.