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Once upon a time I live in South Florida.  One of the benefits of living there were the great beaches.  As I tell people, they had three kinds of beaches; ones where women wore tops and bottoms, ones where women wore only bottoms, and ones where women wore neither.

Miami Beach’s famous South Beach, at the time of this experience, was one of the topless variety.  It was common to see men wearing thongs from about 16th street on south to the end of SoBe.  It was not unusual to see all sorts of risqué attire on SoBe.  Once I saw a woman wearing a blue loosely crocheted bikini with her vulva straining to poke through the openings.  At the time I was 5’ 8” and 135 pounds; not some old fat guy that would scare little children if seen in a thong.  

During one of my trips to the beach at about 12th street I was wearing a solid light green thong.  I had gotten to the beach around 9:00 in the morning and few people were near my camp.  In the following hour, more adults arrived; none with children.  Two of these were young attractive thong adorned females, each alone.  I was facing the beach and both were about ten to twenty feet in front of me.  They were to my left facing the sun.  When they made their individual camps, each delighted the rest of us by proudly revealing their lovely full young breasts.  They were just off my sightline to the water; easy to catch casual peeks behind my sunglasses.

As I liked to be as comfortable as possible, I had removed the lining from the crotch of my new thong.  When the thong was dry, not having the lining makes little difference.  At most, my bulge may have been a little more pronounced.  But that morning I found out what happens when thong without a lining gets wet.  

About an hour after getting to the beach I needed a dip in the ocean in order to cool down.  When walking back dripping wet to my chair and beach umbrella, I looked down and saw my thong did little to decently cover my package.  I appeared nearly naked.  I glanced at some of the faces of the people I was walking past to see if they were noticing my exposure.  Sure enough, each that was looking at me was looking not at my face, but at my crotch.  Since this was not a nude beach and I had not planned to be so exposed, I was somewhat embarrassed.  That feeling started to subside as nobody made any rude comments to me.  I got the feeling it was more like they appreciated being unplanned voyeurs to my unplanned exhibitionism.  I was glad there had not been any children in the area. 

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