Okay Carly here sorry for being gone for a while but I am back and today story is about public thong or should I say public g-string. So this started this week during this heat wave and are air conditioner broke down and the repair man wasn't coming till Friday so me my mom and friends decide to go to the beach the whole week so on Monday when went to the mall and started shopping for new bikinis and I found this cute black g-string bikini with a really small top but I am not going to lie I felt really nervous about wearing the g-string in public but my friends tell me if you want to wear it wear who care what people think about you. So anyways I was able to convince my mom and my aunt to buy a g-string bikini too so we can wear it to the beach and after that I convince my last friend who doesn't were thong bikini so now all of my friends wear thong bikini. So the next day comes and all my friends are here with my aunt mom and cousin so I decide to wear my black g-string bikini that it no clothes and everyone decide to do the same so when we are all hoping into my aunt suv and my friends minvan all of the neighbors see all these girls in their thongs and g-string and only me my mom my aunt and one of my friend and my brother are wearing g-strings. So halfway to the beach both the suv and minvan are running out of gas so will pull up to the gas station and I decide to be brave and go inside to get gas and once I get inside they are a bunch of people inside so I have to wait in line in only my black g-string and I see everyone staring at me that when my brother comes in his g-string too to try to take some of the eyes off me so after that we get to the beach and find this nice spot and of course all these girls come to talk to my brother and don't worry all these guys were checking out all us girls too and thier were some young guy I think like 20 years old hitting on my aunt and mom and come to think of it I think my aunt took one of theme to her suv. After a hour at the beach it starts to get more crowed and some nice looking asian girls find a spot next to us and they are also wearing thongs but anyways that my story and here is a pic of me that my friend took and just to let you guys know I spent the whole summer working out to get this body tell me what you think. Okay a lot of people have send me private messages so here is my mom and aunt and my friend hope you guys enjoy.

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You guys should check out wicked weasel brand of g- strings. They're very daring. You'd look amazing in them.

okay I will

It is even more daring when you consider that the other girls (in the background) are wearing full-coverage swimsuits!

You have the perfect body for that thong!

I want to Spank all three of you!!! ;-)

btw I love the way your black one show a little bit of buttcrack, amazing and so lovelly...

So arousing to see so many gorgeous bodies there... you are amazing... wow

every one is top notch...wow

add please :-)

Oh yum! I'd like to see the front views too!

Wow I gotta say you have the NICEST butt I've ever seen


**** yeah!

very hot, you look great. I bet your aunt looks great too!

add me please.

Looks great on you. Love to wear thongs at the beach too.