I was on vacation with my boyfriend in Bahamas. I was 22 years old. My boyfriend took me on this trip to celebrate me graduating my first 4 years of college. He's a year older than me. We've been dating since the beginning of high school. I knew this would cost him a lot of money, so I decided to surprise him.

We got there on a Sunday night, checked into our hotel, and were extremely tired. The only thing we did was go for a walk on the beach. He was going to stay in his street clothes, but I was going to change into a regular swimsuit. The beach and sunset were nice. On Monday and Tuesday, we just did tourist things and had fun. When we went to the beach on those two days, I just wore a regular bikini.

Then after breakfast on Wednesday morning, we decided to go to the beach. I changed into my thong bikini I ordered online 2 weeks before. It was a red top, and I cut out the lining so my nipples really poked through. The bottom looked like a regular bikini from the front, but from the back, it was just a string going up my butt meeting at my waist with another string. I thought: Damn, I look good. I took a bunch of pictures and admired myself for a solid two minutes. My bf told me to hurry up. He still didn't know what I was wearing. I quickly threw on a coverup so no one would see while I was walking to the beach. For shoes, I put on ******** heels, even though we were going to the beach. We walked down, and I still felt nude even under my coverup. I was thinking about just wearing my coverup. We got to the beach, and it was time. The beach was fairly busy. Probably 25 other people there. The youngest one was probably 15. I quickly slipped off my coverup and laid down. My bf didn't notice, but a few other people did and stared. I was embarrassed. From my front, my nipples weren't really popping, but you could still see them. My boyfriend looked over and noticed. He said, "Damn." People were still staring for a couple minutes. But then they found something better to do. Finally, after 15 minutes I felt confident enough to walk around. I said I was going for a swim. I stood up and immediately felt the eyes back on me. After about 5 seconds, I realized they were looking at me because they liked what they saw. My bf just stared with his mouth open. I went in the water, which was very cold. I just swam around for about 5 minutes. Everyone was still watching me. My boyfriend joined me and we swam around. Then people on the beach resumed to going on with their lives, but they still stole glances. We swam around for about a half hour then decided to go back to the hotel.

I decided I wasn't even going to put on my coverup. I felt my nipples getting really hard from the result of the cold water. I looked down and saw then protruding, and they were very visible. All eyes were back on me. When we got on the solid ground, I put on my heels. I felt even sexier. We walked through the hotel and everyone stared. I loved it. A boy who was about 13 was on the elevator with us, and he kept taking side glances.

When we got back to the room, we had a photoshoot. Me being the model of course. I did a lot of sexy poses. After a half hour, it turned into a nude photoshoot. After about a half hour of that, it turned into full blown sex. Best sex I ever had.

That evening after our fun times we went for a walk on the beach. I wore the the same thing. We walked for about 5 miles. It felt good. Then we stopped at a local shop that sold thong bikinis. I bought 3 more and my boyfriend smiled.

For the rest of the vacation, I would wear thong bikinis. I even went snorkling in one. It was the best vacation ever.

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WOW .. WOW .. WOW .. this story should have had a pic attached! hehe

Have you worn them ever since Amanda? Or didn't you feel confident enough to wear them around your place? An something else that intriges me, you say you felt like going naked under your coverup, did you eventually try that?

A great story, and beautifully written.

Oh so sexy