This happened a couple of months ago when I knew that I was due for my allergy shot which I get ever 6 months. I almost wore my thong last time but chickened out but this time I was going for it, the nurse always gives the shot and its always in the buttocks! I knew this so I figured I could just drop my shorts and by me wearing a thong, she would have easy access. I nervously put on again my favorite black CK thong that feels so good! I left the house and knew there way out now, as expected I saw the nurse and she asked me some questions and the doctor came in and said that the nurse could give me the shot. Doctor leaves and the nurse comes back in and shuts the door and says to take my shorts and underwear down but I only had to drop the shorts!! I lowered them and bent over the table proud to thong and easy the shot was, it was over and she didn't say a word, but had a little smirk :)
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wow... what a great experience.