When Bell Bottoms Ruled the World.

God yes I wore 'em. In the 70's , at least in the San Francisco area where I grew up, if you didn't wear bell bottoms you were a jock or just plain way uncool! Note the Skynyrd pic above, they're all wearing bell bottoms.  Levis also made "big bells" and the hem at the bottom if you wore them correctly would scrape the pavement behind the heels & get really frayed. We wore 'em with pride! I had a Rolling Stones lips logo patch sewn on my back pocket, kind of a kiss my @ss gesture.  The ladies wore low cut jeans called "hip huggers", damn were they sexy! Straight leg jeans were the badge of being a goody two shoes or a troglobyte, definitely not for the wild & fun crowd that I ran with!

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I guess I was a jock and wore bell bottoms, because I used to wear jocks straps, bikini, and briefs under my bell bottoms. I wore jockstraps and bell bottoms at the same time.

Let me introduce myself to you, my good man. I am That70sMan, and my religion IS the 70s. My closet and drawers are packed with 70s polyester shirts, two and three piece polyester suits, bellbottoms of all colors and styles, 28 pairs (and counting!) of platform shoes in all colors and styles, wide neckties, two 70s tuxedos, velvet bowties, ruffled shirts of all colors, and all of the jewelry to go with it. I also have about 6 70s coats (well the coats overlapped from the late 60s). In any event, I would never even consider wearing moder day tacky clothes which make me look like a modern-day casualty. Eeverywhere I go and every day, I dress 70s (as I am typing away I am at my college campus wearing Levis super bells, old Puma sneakers, a tight Army T0shirt, and a 70s denim jacket. Can you dig it? Oh, the dark aviator glasses too. So if you ask me why, I will tell you: I wanna save myself from modern-day mediocrity and take refuge in a better era. You dig it?!

did'nt wooden dr scholl sandals belong to that sort of outfit?

I like your style Qazrazl! Rock on my kindred spirit!

I know, dammit! I have the reverse of anorexia: I look in the mirror and still think I'm a little bitty size 5. Still an hourglass, just more sand, that's all. <br />
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I just went to see NineInchNails and danced my *** off the entire show. Man, I miss stuff like that. My grama was 92 when she died and had always said she still felt 22 but didn't know what the hell happened to her face!

Thank you ladies! Your very descriptive comments make this old man wish he could go back to 1978 for a decade or two. My God, those were good times! What happened to us? I still feel 18 a lot of the time , but when I look in the mirror there's this old guy looking back at me.

Was going through mamma's attic recently and found several pair of my bell bottoms! First of all, I didn't know a person could be so tiny .... and I thought I was fat when I wore them.... I swear, a six year old girl could fit in them today! Funny .... I sure as hell won't ever be back in them (ha).... Anyway, loved / still love them. Loved the frayed bottoms ... would purposely unhem them so they'd fray faster. Wore tight, tight t-shirts or see-through blouses with colored bras, or tube tops with them .... remember those days .... and four inch wooden sandals. With my long brown feathered hair and a "rake" comb in my back pocket and cherry kissing potion lip gloss tucked in the side of my bra (yep) I thought I was soooooo cool. Oh .... didn't tuck week in my sock .... but you could tuck a flask of vodka under those bells and walk right into the school with it ... right to the bathroom in between classes too.... ha haha Yeah.... Those were the days!!!!!

I wore them after my first child was born, I loved pushing the baby stroller with my bell bottoms wanting all the guys to honk their horns.I loved it!I had a pair of low wasted short shorts I thought I was hot! all thoes years I saved them and one day my daughter found them,she could not believe I wore any thing like that in public!

Ha! I forgot all about the shoes. I remember that when Kiss came on the scene in their tall black platform shoes, all the rockers I ran with had to have a pair and so did I. I wouldn't be caught dead in them today!

OMG! I think I love you. This could have been something I wrote, especially about the fraying. Except I grew up on LI. <br />
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I wore platform woodies with them. I still have one pair that were my favorite and faded perfectly. I hope one day to do enough pilates to allow them to fit again. Fashion be damned! I would wear them today if they fit!

I never hid any bottles there but can tell you that an ounce of weed fits quit comfortly concealed in each sock under those bells.

Groovy....lol. I have pics from the 70s of my dad with his long hair wearing them. He said you could hide bottles in your socks under them and nobody would notice. That cracked me up.