I Should Have Been Kept In Diapers Longer

I spent my infant and toddler years in pinned-on cloth diapers and plastic pants in the early '60s. I wish I could remember what that looked and felt and smelled like: to just wet, and usually be wet, and sometimes a little focused in the face and then saggy in the seat of my diaper too. But I can't.

I wish I'd had those diapers pinned on me longer, at least at night, because I wet my bed quite often for a few years after that, and have lots of memories of waking up having peed in the night, and being pee-soaked, cold and uncomfortable. It probably would have been a lot nicer to have done my wetting in a diaper.

I can't even remember my younger sister (by 16 months) still being in diapers. She was more of a bedwetter than I was as a kid, and looking back it's hard to guess why my mom would have let us wet in our pyjamas and sheets so much, making ourselves embarrassed, smelly and uncomfortable and making lots of laundry for her. Waking up in a wet cloth diaper seems positively cosy by comparison.

I really like thinking about myself in diapers ... both dry and freshly powdered, and overdue for a change ... just going in them, and being all warm and wet, and cuddled and good-naturedly cleaned. My parents used a diaper service, and our diaper pails became our laundry hampers for years afterwards.
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@nonny - ditto's to most of your thoughts. I do have 8mm movies of me in diapers, so at least I have that memory connection to what I looked like, but I definately have some actual mental connections to the point (at about 2 yrs) when I was taken out of diapers. It just didn't seem to be fair to me. I was definately upset. Other kids in the neighborhood were still in diapers, and I think I just wanted to be like everyone else. Funny enough, they all graduated out of diapers, too, but my brain never let go of the desire. I was the third of three right in a row, and I think my mom had just had enough of dirty diapers in her life at that point. When another kid came along 3 years later, she was ready for it again, but I'm sure in her mind I was way too old to use them at that point and I'd have been ridiculed terribly... Not sure I was really wanting humiliations as much as just the diaper & plastic pants, but it did sort of develop into that down the road.<br />
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I had other "seeking-attention" issues when I was a kid, but if I were smart enough (I wasn't at the time) I would have attempted the wet-bed procedure to try to get myself put back into diapers. The younger sibling, and the age dynamic between them and me got to work telling me it just wasn't right, even though, in my heart of hearts, I knew it was what I needed to be myself.<br />
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Never got the opportunity for any other diapering growing up, but I was always on the alert of diaper-anything in the papers, catalogs, etc. As soon as I could fashion stuff into a diaper, or find a pair of plastic pants, I grabbed that opportunity to indulge my little self. When I got sexual, diapers were a sure thing. They just turned me on no end. Who would have known how I'd turn out as a result of those early years? It suppose it could have gone the other way and I could have forgotten about diaper desires completely... That definately didn't happen.<br />
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@Bobby103 - good for your mom that she handled your bedwetting issues without much fanfare. That's how it should be done. Divorce is a shock to a little kid, and wetting is just a symptom of that. Nothing more. Obviously this later diapering might have led to your later acceptance of diapers (we've got 47 groups in common, so I know you must enjoy the fetish...) as a solution to your wetting, and as a consolation to the things that were going on. Your brain probably wrapped itself around the concept the same as it did for many of the rest of us. It's not something any of us are responble for, since it's just human development and the many twists and turns that make each of us individuals. This is such a benign thing, when you really think about it. If it weren't for society telling us it's so strange, we'd probably all just accept that there are people that want to be girls, so they wear panties and dress up and there are also people that imagine themselves as kids/infants again and likewise dress the part. Some of those people go full blown AB and some develop into the DL subgroup. So many things shape who we become, and I don't think it ever really changes until the day you die... <br />
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Anyway, here we are, sharing our thoughts....

I was a bed wetter that was put back in diapers at age 6. Started to wet again after my parents divorce. This was back in the 50's, the only option was wet the bed or be diapered by mom. As a baby I was fully trained by 2. Mom had told me how much I hated being in a dirty diapers and trained early. Perhaps too early. <br />
I remember the embarrassment the first few nights of being diapered again. Mom was kind and said it would be our little secret and convinced me that I would really be helping her out. It didn't take too long realize that diapers were better than a wet bed.