I love the feeling of panties when I am wearing them.They make me feel so gurly that I just cant explain the feelings that it gives me.I cannot wear them at work but the minute I get in from work they are on me.I have several different pairs and different colors also.My favorite ones are the silky type and mostly pink and black.I also have a couple of garter belts ,bras.hose as well as pantyhose to wear all day and night.At night I sometimes I put on baby doll jamies and sleep in them all night ,then in the morning i ********** with them .All weekend long I am in panties no matter where I go or who I am with.I put on a clean pair each day unless I *** in them then I change them sooner.There is nothing like the feeling of your **** and balls surrounded by panties.
windstar1 windstar1
56-60, M
May 13, 2012