When I Was A Teenager...

Once, when he was my age 14, went to the cinema with a group of friends. I already liked to be girl but nobody knew. Don't know why, one of my friends always looked me in a strange way, which at the time I couldn't distinguish.

On this day however, I understood what he wanted. While passing the film, he, who was sitting beside me, started to move your hand on my leg, reaching out to introduce his hand inside my shorts. Quickly it was already passing his hand in my panties and my ***.Surprised, but at the same time enjoying it, I was enjoying every second. He increasingly daring, began to move your hand lightly on my anus. This lasted all the time of movie. When the movie ended, we had a scare and we left without speaking anything.After this episode, never more we talked because his parents moved. It was my first experience more exciting as girl…
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2 Responses May 16, 2012

Oh, that is good to hear, silky panties feel so much better than the cotton. Let's be friends. Billi

was he surprised when he felt panties - were the silky like girls? or cotton like boys