I Love Her Panties

we share lingerie a lot but last Saturday i got up early showered and while my wife was still a sleep i went to her lingerie draws and found her favorite pair of tight soft and sexy panties and i could not resist wearing them she has never said i can't wear them. but i had the feeling that she would rather i didn't wear this pair and a couple of other of other pair and i would normally not but i have had a hard on for these panties every time she wears them i get horny. so i slide them on under my jeans and i was so excited about wear them so all day i am quite pleased with myself and had a big smile all day and my wife kept asking why i was so happy and i kept saying no reason. the that night when it was bed time i waited till she came out of the bathroom then i dropped my jeans to reveal i had her panties on at first she gave me a look that only a wife can give then after about a minute. she said get your *** over here so as I'm walking across the room in her panties my **** is growing harder and harder she takes my **** out of the leg of the panties and starts to give my an amazing head job then pushes me onto my back and still in her panties climb on to my rock hard **** and rides my hard for the best sexy we have had ever so i think i will borrow her panties again. 

jarviscooper jarviscooper
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WOW!!! I really guess that your wife gets really turned on seeing you in her panties!! I guess this means you'll be wearing more of her panties in the near future, eh? You're VERY LUCKY to have a wife who is very understanding of you wearing her lingerie like that.

That's just SMOKING SEXY HOT!!!

Lucky you.

that sounds like fun but i have been buying my own for a long time just wish i was as luck as you to have a wife buy me clothes like that and have hothotsex afterwords

wear more of her panties

Wow! What a way to end the day. It is obvious your wife gets turned on seeing you in her panties. Its a win-win for both of you. I bet you will be wearing many more of her panties in the future.