New Leg Braces!!!

So.... I went to my doctor and he was talking about a lot of people who are paralysed are beginning to use leg braces. He asked me if i would like to give them a try, so you know i agreed and was sent to get measured.(Since in case you don't know I am paralysed)
My mom drove me down the street to the office we were sent. The people there lead me to a room and helped me onto a bed. They measured me and told me to come back in 2 weeks and to wear tight leggings. (It wasn't actually that simple but I was to lazy to explain.) So after two weeks i returned to the same building when i got in they helped me back up on the bed and they strapped on the leg braces, they felt pretty heavy on legs ( i could tell because when my legs were pulled of the table and i was laying on my back i almost fell off the bed.) They helped me up.
My dream was happening i was standing, sturdy on my feet. They gave me some fore-arm crutches and they helped me over to this ramp thingy, they took the crutches from me and told me to grab both bars. So obviously I did, a very kind nurse stood behind me and started pushing my legs, I could feel from my hips my legs moving,it was kinda hard to stand in them at first. I was so happy, I was "walking" again.

The next day i went back with my brother Jake. But this time the nurse grabbed my hips, she told me try to lift one hip, then the other i was like dancing almost, kinda like an isolation. then told me to try and lift my hip and then move my leg forward, I basically moved my leg like half an inch forward. But hey i think that that counts for waling... Then my session was over, she took off the leg braces and i got back in my chair. She said I could do more than all the staff expected she said that i should come back every week on Tuesday and Thursday, if it worked for me. We had to change Tuesday to Monday and then we were set.

Ya so now I still use leg braces at the therapy but I mostly use my wheelchair only. I have gone out in public once in my leg braces using forearm crutches and the help of my sister Kailey.
We went on the train, and also wandered around in the station. It was fun, but it took for ever to get anywhere so we just got back on the train and went home. I also use the leg braces around the house to practice but then again it takes forever to get anywhere.
Ya my wheelchair is still my only quick way to get around. And I love my wheelchair and don't think i could live with out it, even if I do walk around on my own again. But overall the leg braces are a great thing just not easy for me to use.
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Sounds pretty encouraging. Can I ask why you are paralyzed?