Yup, I'm Forest Gump :)

I'm not sure about the details, but apparently I was having quite a lot of difficulty walking as a child (probably all that extra fat ;)) and so I had to wear braces on my legs for about 2 years.  Even now sometimes I feel my feet not quite agree with my walking pattern, but it hasn't stopped me from winning races and playing soccer :):)

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Wow! :D<br />
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Well not much, I was too young to really remember that, but I have broken toes and such, in Kung Fu :) Can't express the proper form rule enough heh. There've been fractured bones, broken bones, probably everything you can imagine that can happen to a bone :)

Oh, stereotypes.<br />
tsk.<br />
Much love to EP though.<br />
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haha, well. I was at a birthday party.<br />
I was about 7 and the family friend's daughter was probably just turning 4. She and I had gone outside to play with one of her presents: an oversized bouncy ball (the type they used to sell at Wal*Mart, kept in those big tall ball cages). Her's was blue; it looked just like some clouds had been balled up for us to play with.<br />
Anyway, <br />
we were kicking it back and forth when I missed. I had been running to meet the ball, all exuberently and energetically, and didn't quite get it. So, my momentum kept me going, and I landed on my arm.<br />
The adults patched me together with some cardboard and ribbon until we got to the hospital. ;)<br />
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Having a cast in 2nd grade was pretty cool though; everyone signed it. I had to get a blue one instead of pink because the doctor's office was out. :(<br />
There were really only two bad instances.<br />
First, this was about May when it happened so the weather had just started to get beautiful. When I finally convinced my mom to let me swim in our neighbor's above-ground pool (walking around with my arm above my head), my brother thought it would be funny to pull my legs out from under me. I had to sit out in the garden to dry out. <br />
Annnd then, the really bad thing was when I caught the chicken pox with the cast still on. That was torture. Itchyhness Xs two!<br />
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What about you? Any horror/funny stories from the leg braces?

Yea, I've always been sort of hesitant mentioning it in school, you know since I'm half black I'm supposedly supposed to be this perfect athlete and all... hehe. <br />
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Ouch, what were you doing?

I never knew that about you boo.<br />
Good group idea.<br />
<br />
I never wore leg braces, but I broke my left arm once?<br />
not exactly the same thing at all though.