" I Love My Undies "

For years I would stuff y bras with anything I could find that would make me look like I had boobs, socks, water ballowns, foam rubber cut to shape. I started to use herbs to make my boobs grow, but had little success. After my operation, I started taking alot of drugs for infection and rejection and my boobs started to swell up. I bought an "A" cup bra and found that I could fill it out depending on the style. I thought since I had breasts, I should wear a bra all the time, so I started and now I wear one all the time, everyday, even to the doctors. I was happy but I wanted bigger breasts, so I bought a breast pump which I use allmost everyday. I used it this morning for about 4 hours and my breast were swelled up when I took the cones off. I but a bra on and my boobs really filled out the cups, even had some cleavage. I am sorry, I got a little of topic, but yes I do wear my bras and panties everyday, just got some new microfiber panties, love them. My bra is the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off at night, sometimes I sleep in my bra and pantie. I don't understand why ladies hate there bras, I love them!!!
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I know just how you feel. I love the feeling of silk and lace against my body and will never give it up. I am a woman now forever and have never been happier

Thanks for sharing Davis. Before I bought silicone breast forms I used similar things to fill the bra cups. It's great you wear a bra and panties every day.

Thanks jml, I always wanted silicone form, but never had the money, now I don't need them...A bad day is a day with out a bra !!!
Donna ;)

Yes, (lol). Did you consider enhancers? They are much less than the silicone forms.

JLM, I did have a pair of silicone enhancers at one time. I really loved them and the way they pushed my boobs up when I was wearing a good push-up bra. I started to wear them to bed which turned out to be a bad idea. The feeling of laying on my breasts was great, but my weight on them was to much and they started to leak at the seams. I do want to get another pair someday for when I want a bit more cleavage !!!

Try www.onehanesplace.com and see what they offer. I found some at the factory outlet store for less than $20.

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