I Wore Mom's Clothes To School; The Post Office; Everywhere I Could

   I began trying on my mom's pantyhose when I was 8. By time I was 11 I was wearing my mom's panties, bras, pantyhose, nylon stockings, girdles, slips, dresses, makeup, perfume, high heels, jewelry, lingerie, the whole nine yards. I enjoyed this very much and began doing it more and more often. It eventually lead to me being caught wearing my mom's clothes several times ( read my stories about that please), but I kept on doing it.
   I began wearing my mom's panties, pantygirdle, and pantyhose or nylon stockings under my male clothes when I went to jr and sr high school. i was walking on air those days I was so comfortable. Once in awhile instead of a girdle, i would wear one of my mom's garterbelts to hold the stockings up under my male clothes when I went to school. I was nervous my mom or my friends would find out I what I was wearing, but I wore those items anyway. I was addicted. I also felt unbelievably comfortable and natural in my mom's clothing. I would continue this practice through my teen and college years.
   One day when i was out of college, I was still around home. By now I had a pretty fair wardrobe of my own, but there was still something about wearing my mom's clothes that was more exciting. Mom was not home one day, so about 1 PM I decided to undress in my room. I went to my mom's bedroom. I put on a pair of her control panties. I put on one of her bras, a pair of her pantyhose, an open bottom girdle, one of my mom's full slips (it came to midthigh level), full makeup including foundation, blusher, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow (3 colors), red lipstick, and her Avon Vanilla Musk perfume. I then slipped on a pair of my mom's navy blue high heeled slingback pumps, and my mom's mauve colored flowery print dress. I put on my mom's pearl necklace, bracelet, and matching earrings. I checked myself in the mirror. I looked fine and feminine, even though I was wearing no wig.
   I put on my blonde wig, grabbed my mom's navy purse and headed out to my vehicle. I decided to drive to the neighboring town's post office where I have a post office box. I drove there, Upon arriving there, I walked in, opened my mail box, retrieved my mail, closed my box, then walked out. I drove home. No one who saw me recognized me. Nothing bad happened.
   Two weeks later on a day when my mom was not home, I put on the exact same outfit except this time I wore no wig! This time I walked up to the mailbox by the main road in front of our house, looked in it, then walked back to the front porch. I did this several times. I was enjoying the way I felt all gussied up in my mom's panty, bra, pantyhose, open bottom girdle, silky full slip, dress, and sexy highheeled shoes. After several times of doing this, i decided to go to the neighboring town where my post office box is. I drove there, dressed but still without wig. I went into the post office. It was about 3:30 PM when I drove up to the post office. I walked in just as natuaral as could be. As I entered the box area (It is a small post office by the way. The town is listed as my location for this story), my high heels were clicking loudly and nicely on the hard floor. I was loving the sound. I was in paradise. The postmistress must have heard the sound of heels clicking on the floor. She appeared at the service counter window just as I fully entered the room. She looked up as she said "Hello...... Ted?!! Wow, I thought that was you. I saw you as you were outside passing by the front window. I thought is that him?  Lo and behold, it is!" I said hello to her, and retrieved my mail. I walked over to the counter and talked to her for probably about 20 minutes. She had many of the usual questions.... what am I doing?.... why am I doing it?..... how long have I been?..... etc. i told her all about it. As I talked 2 other customers came in. Both needed to use the window so I stepped aside as each did their stamp buying and mailing. After each left I continued talking to the post mistress. After talking and explaining it all for her, I drove back home, and took off the clothes I was wearing and put them all back in my mom's room before she came home.
    I amazed the local postmistress with my clothing on that particular day. She did not make a scene, and was really cool about me dressing that way. She was genuinely interested in all my answers and explanations of it. People say postal employees in post offices gossip like crazy about everything (stuff being sent to you like heels or whatever). I don't know for sure if they do gossip. If they do, I know of one postmistress who had lots of very interesting gossip to tell after that day. As a final note, she would see me in there dressed up enfemme several more times over the years.
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Hi chris76. It's a great experience is it not?

I can definitely relate to your experience. I too have worn my moms underwear to school.

Hi tinacd51,<br />
Yes, and yes.<br />
I began dressing secretly going out too. Eventually the desire to go out more non secretly usually takes over.<br />
thanks for commenting.<br />

That must have been a fabalous experience, I have only gone out a couple times and only at night in the winter.<br />
What a thrill and what a kind postmistress.

Thanks TBurke99. It took some effort to muster the courage, but once I walked out the door, it all happened almost automatically.

Wow. You are very courageous!!