It Was A Dress

When my aunt got married,my mother was a bridesmaid.The bridesmaids wore these green rayon dresses that I thought were just sooooo cute.Weeks after the wedding,I found that dress in a closet,so I took it out late one night and put it on.I felt like a prom queen! I wore it for half the night and reamed about being a princess.It was so hard to have to put it back but I knew I could just take it back out when I wanted to wear it again. I felt like a bridesmaid back then,but I hope to one day become a bride.But I should have kept that dress...
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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

I just love bridesmaid / prom / bridal gowns

I bet it looked great on you.

Weddingdresses are yummy. Got two myself including the veil and the shoes. Nothing like it.....

I'll be happy to be a bridesmaid if the groomsmen will pay attention to me