It All Started With Those Tights

I must of been around 4 or 5 and remember a man wearing tights on the television under his trousers something just snapped in me and i had to try it.

I can remember sneaking into my mothers room and finding these delightful item and wearing them. This went on for about a year until one saturday morning i picked up the usual pair of tights and entangled in them was a panty girdle so on went the panty girdle with the tights. I didnt stop there from them on i remember one day i was playing in my bedroom wearing my mothers brand new bikini, american tan tights and a pair of heels that were way to big for me when i heard my mother shouting me from downstairs. This must of been my first panic attack because by the time she had shouted twice and then walked up the stairs i had managed to take the clothes off stash them under my bed and put some shorts on.

Anyway this went on for a few years until i was about 8 or so my mother then job which meant she worked until 6 pm at night as my dad already worked late it was dedcided that my nan would look after me. I was doing my usual dressing and prancing around my room when my nan walked in she saw what i was wearing and just walked out again. All hell broke loose when my mum got home i had lectures about boys dont wear dressed and that i was a sissy etc. All i replied to my mother was o rite does that mean you will buy me a dress to which she replied if i buy you a dress you will wear it to school (which at the time i wouldnt of minded) This lecture and the fact that my dad gave me a severe beating with his slipper curtailed my dressing up for a few years. i was made to do boy things like join the cub scouts.

whilst in the cub scouts we did a show as i was the weedy one i was picked to play the girl which i didnt mind at all. another one of the boys commented i was so lucky to be playing the girl. We became friend and i soon found out that he liked wearing his mothers clothes to. we managed to make up some story and amazingly his mother didnt mind us trying on her clothes whilst practising for the show.

the next chapter comes when i was around 12 the boy who had been my saviour had moved away and more importantly had his mothers clothes i still wander how me managed to practice for the show fot 2 years.

chapter 2 coming soon


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6 Responses Mar 26, 2009

I loved wearing my mothers clothes even after she told the family, and friend what I was doing.
I still get excited thinking she might see me dressed as a girl or catch me getting off while pretending she is going to insert a ***** in me cause I am acting like a girl.

My Mom caught me the first time that I dressed. Mom never said anything, she just bought me my own wardrobe and left a note with the clothes.

Louis,<br />
You story resonates so strongly with me. I, too, discovered my true nature inside my mom's closet: pantyhose, lovely tight girdles, lacy bras ... oh my. It was my private heaven.

i love pantyhose i started when i was seven my mother had lots of colours but my fave have always been tan

Lovely story. Thanks for sharing. Will love reading your next ones.<br />
<br />
For me it was my mother's clothes too. Wearing them made me feel really at home and natural. Never caught but some close ones. Although i'm pretty sure she knew and never said. Gave me tips on mixing and matching and make-up and such.

I was about 4 or 5 when I discoved pantyhose... when I was a bit older I tried on other things until one day I was fully dressed. I nearly got caught and got really good at putting things away so I didn't get found out. I did however get caught a few times...