I wore My Sisters Dresses And Slips

As my feminine side began to emerge i could feel a continuing urge which became overwhelming to wear my sisters slips and dresses. Living at home with her provided the perfect opportunistic accessibility to her lingerie, skirts and dresses. When she was not home i would venture into her bedroom and investigate her lingerie drawers. Always beautifully and neatly folded i would look through her pantie drawer first at all her pretty panties, especially her silky nylon panties. Opening another drawer i saw all her silky nylon and lace half slips neatly folded on one side and her silky nylon and lace full slips folded on the other side of the drawer. It was very exciting and arousing. Tuoching the silky nylon slips sent a stimulating charge through my body. I would be prompted to look through her wardrobe and see all her dresses and skirts hanging neatly. Thoughts would be simultaneously reverberating through my mind of how it would feel wearing one of my sisters slips with one of her dresses.

One day when i was looking through her slips i was overwhelmed and succumbed and ******** off my clothes. I put on a pair of her white silky nylon full brief panties and then one of her white silky nylon and lavish lace half slips. The lace formed a very sexy six inch slit on the left of the front of the slip and scalloped sensuously around the hemline of the slip. As i slowly put on her half slip i became hugely excited and when her slip was finally around my waist i derived a feeling of extraordinary exhilaration and stimulation. Feeling the silky slip and the silky panties was immensely enjoyable. I then slipped on a very soft pretty green and beige coloured polyester dress which was one of my sisters favourite dresses. I vividly recall the feeling of femininity i derived when i finally had the dress on. It was wonderful. The combination of her panties, slip, and dress was everything i had imagined and more. It was one of the most exciting days of my life. I paraded around her bedroom in her lingerie and dress looking in the mirror and caressing the dress against the silky nylon slips. The layers of feminine softness was luxurious.

From that day my feminization began to excell and my sisters slips and dresses fuelled my desire to dress more frequently. Watching my sister wearing her dresses and skirts also imploded my desire to wear them. I now have my own substantial collection of slips and dresses and love dressing up femininely in them as often as practicable. Their is no feeling to match the experience of femininity.
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I love the slip, but I really want to see more of that skirt. It looks really yummy!

Very nice pic. When I'm dressed like that I can't take my eyes off the beauty of it all. The emotional feeling of femininity and the physical feeling of all the silkiness can be over powering.

Thank you silkydrawers. Your comments ring true with me.

You did not mention whether or not you cumed, and if you did, did your sister find out. Is she older or younger ?

That probably goes without saying and even if not there is always a tell tale sign of staining that can't be helped. lol

I often wish I had a sister to grow up with...

I can understand you wish johannan. It certainly can assist enormously with your needs as it has done in my case. Thank you for reading my story.