My Sister Gave Me Two Pairs Of Panties...20 Years Apart!

When I was young my Sister not only let me wear her clothes but actually encouraged me to wear them. I don't know how it all started although clear in my mind was wearing a purple dress, some of her purple panties and knee length white socks and playing around the house with her. I dont think this was the first start as I remember wearing my mums panties before that, but that was the first time that I realised how great wearing girls/women's clothes was - and it still is fantastic (I wear panties every day as my wife is happy with it)! Anyway, after that moment we dressed me up as much as possible, me always in her smaller clothes until we hit on the plan to sneak into my mums room when she was away and dress me in my mums lacy sexy panties and bra and suspender belt and stockings! My Sister and I were so excited but also scared as my stiff erection wet our mums panties. Later my sister and I would dress in baby doll nighties, and also dress up in her school uniforms and be school girls together.

It was at this time that she gave me a lovely pair of silky white panties that I always remember and how much fun I had with those panties...

For a long period as we both hit our mid teens we did nothing and as time went on I was too scared to talk about my dressing with her and she never mentioned it so I went underground. Yes, I still stole her clothes and wore them but it was a lonely path that I followed.

Then 20 years later I was divorced and alone and I stayed with her and she was between relationships so I was staying with her. We went out and got really drunk and she mentioned my dressing..I nearly fell off my seat. We chatted about those old says and I was both scared and excited to be talking about it with her again. When we got home to her house I took advantage of us both being drunk and said something about us both looking like each other and I would like to see what it would look like if we were dressed the same. To my delight she not only agreed to dressing, but also to putting make-up on me. We started with a skirt suit each, mine was red and was tight and knee length and I loved it with my (her) tights and high heels. We sat in her garden both dressed in our blouses and skirts, tights, high heels and make-up and it was wonderful as we smoked, drunk and chatted about my transvestism. I confessed to all the times I stole her clothes and we laughed about how our mum would have reacted had she found my *** on her panties.

We went back up to her bedroom and we agreed to dress more comfortably and both ended up in bras, camis and french knickers. I apologised for wetting her panties and she looked down and saw my erection and how I had leaked with pre *** on her panties. She told me that I could keep the panties and cami and I have them to this day. Later I confessed that I would like a pair of smaller, lacy and tighter panties from her and she went out to the laundry room and brought me back a pair of black lacey panties. I still see her standing there stretching those lovely black lacey panties that she had worn and owned whilst showing me what she was giving me even now.

Tonight I am wearing them once again, I ration my use of them since I lost those first pair of white silky panties so long ago and want to keep these one. Yet again I have wet them with pre ***.
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Maybe sister would still like dressing with you sweetie and having a girls night out